Tarom Domsiah (10 lb)


Imported From Shomal Tarom domsiah smokey  County is in Astane Ashrafie Province in Gilan, which is famous for its high-quality rice.
COOKING METHOD: 1-Wash rice by changing the water at least 1 times, then soak rice in water, including one spoon(200 g or 7 Oz) salt for about 2 hours 2-Drain water before cooking and put rice in boiling water and cook it with lid off for minimum 6-8 minutes 3-Drain off the water and add cooking-oil and keep rice on low heat for 10-20 minutes with lid off Calories 160 Per Serving Size(1/4 Cup – 45 g)
Calories 160 Per Serving Size(1/4 Cup – 45 g) 10 Lb (4.53 Kg)



Tarom Domsiah (10 lb)

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